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Anonymous asked:

I'm thinking of using a suede fabric for my next project and I've never worked with it before. Is it difficult to sew with?



Technically I’ve never worked with suede :O But I know a few things

  • Suede tend not to like standard metal feet. If you have teflon or a roller foot, those work great for that.
  • You’re going to need either denim needles or leather needles to put it through your machine right. Do NOT trust universal needles… EVER
  • Lower your tension on your machine if the suede is thick. This will help it from breaking
  • Thick needle holes will be noticeable… but you need tough needles depending on the type of suede
  • Do a test iron on a small strip. There is a good chance that ironing it will kill the fabric.

It’s thicker than regular fabric, but not thicker than pleather or leather. If you can sacrifice some stripes pin it up and put it through your machine to see how it works.

So I can find this when I need it

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